NSDB steps into online advertising market; Launches Peephole.Online v0.1 "public alpha" for Google Chrome Browser

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia — NSDB, an internet services incubator, has made available for public download, the v0.1 "alpha" version of Peephole.Online (an extension / plugin for Google Chrome Browser).

Peephole.Online is designed to inject "media bursts" into internet browser downtime. The result is a uniquely enhanced browsing experience — one with no downtime.

"As we surf the web, from the moment we click on any given link, until our destination page loads, we currently experience about five seconds of downtime per click," explains Shea Writer, Director at NSDB. "Peephole.Online is designed to eliminate that downtime by filling this time-space with brief peeps of useful and entertaining media."

For users, Peephole.Online offers a "better" (more useful and entertaining) internet browsing experience.

For NSDB, Peephole.Online represents a diversification into the online advertising market — with 100% relevant advertising impression delivery capabilities anticipated to reach 1 billion per day.

Peephole.Online — now exclusively for Google Chrome Browser — is free to download from the Peephole.Online homepage.

People who would like to help this effort migrate to other platforms (iOS, Mozilla, etc.) may support the project's Kickstarter campaign — which runs for 30 days from NOV 24 - DEC 24 (2015).

About NSDB

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, NSDB PTY LTD is a boutique, internet services incubator. The company specializes in network security, remote identity authentication, remote identity verification, and remote data management. By finding creative solutions to root-level "weak links", NSDB targets the global, online marketplace to improve the everyday, e-business and e-social experience.

Shea Writer, Director
Telephone: +61 2 8022 4406
Email: email@NSDB.com

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