Survey Results Show that Matcha Helps With Weight Loss

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Latest Survey Adds to the Pool of Evidence for Matcha Tea’s Weight Loss Properties

A recent survey has shown that Matcha tea drinkers had an easier time losing excessive weight when drinking this beverage than when they went without. Most reported that a single cup every day diminished their cravings and helped them shed weight within a week. A few reported that the energy they felt after drinking Matcha helped them stay away from extra portions of food and focus on tasks instead.

There is scientific proof that backs these findings up. A recent study showed that Matcha helps burns calories faster by four times, boosting the metabolism. A faster metabolism means that the body uses up energy faster, allowing for weight loss.

Matcha tea, like green tea, helps burn fat faster in the body. This allows for meaningful weight loss where actual fat is burned instead of losing water and muscle too.

It is also important to note that Matcha has virtually no calories, while being quite sweet and tasty, according to consumers. It can easily take the place of juice and sodas and thus help the consumer lose weight by diminishing the consumption of calorie-heavy drinks. Experts agree that Matcha is the perfect alternative to unhealthy empty calories found in juices, shakes and sugary sodas. It has been known for a long while that sugary sodas contribute massively in the obesity epidemic, especially among young children and teenagers. Matcha could be a good solution to this problem, experts argue, since it is safe for child consumption and offers many nutrients for zero calories.

Matcha tea is made from green tea leaves that have been grown under specific circumstances to be more nutritious and tasty. In Matcha the whole tea leaf is consumed and not just the water it was brewed in, like in regular green tea. This ensures that the consumer receives nutrients equivalent of ten green tea cups in a single serving of Matcha tea.

Antioxidants and detoxification provided by Matcha will remove dangerous free radicals from the body. A good detox and steady antioxidants consumption can massively improve mood and general health. Just by feeling better, Matcha can also assist people to lose weight easier when combined with a reasonably healthy diet, experts advise.

Matcha is considered a nutritious addition to a good diet, since it offering diversity to a typical diet, while also boosting the metabolism, detoxifying the body and offering enough energy to last throughout the day.

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