Turmeric Supplements With Black Pepper Believed To Be More Therapeutic

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Orlando, FL– November 27, 2015 – Turmeric is an ancient, medicinal spice that is not just used in the kitchen, but also for a wide range of medicinal purposes. It has been available in the form of a supplement, and used by many people who want to improve their immunity against diseases. While turmeric is therapeutic in itself, there is an ingredient that makes it even more beneficial for health.

Turmeric supplements with black pepper are believed to be more therapeutic. The healing effects of turmeric are believed to come from its phytochemical called curcumin. Curcumin contains antioxidant, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

“Curcumin supplements are widely available nowadays, and their use is associated with a variety of health benefits,” said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan.

While curcumin has very powerful therapeutic properties, it has low bioavailability and this means its absorption inside the body is limited. The use of a bioavailability enhancing ingredient such as black pepper extract is believed to help increase curcumin absorption. When curcumin is taken with black pepper, its therapeutic properties are efficiently delivered inside the body.

A chemical called piperine is present in black pepper, and it is believed to enhance the bioavailability of turmeric. Curcumin is often metabolized even before it is absorbed inside the body. Black pepper is believed to help inhibit particular intestinal digestive enzymes, and this increases curcumin absorption.

In one study, it was found that when 20mg of piperine is added to 2g of curcumin, the latter’s bioavailability increased by 2000%. The researchers also added that the levels of absorption of curcumin, serum levels, and bioavailability also improved dramatically. There are individuals who use turmeric powder and combine it with black pepper to improve its bioavailability.

According to experts, curcumin is taken best when combined with black pepper. In addition to its bioavailability enhancing abilities, black pepper is also believed to be useful for reducing pain. There are curcumin supplements that contain a black pepper extract called BioPerine. They are believed to be more beneficial compared to other curcumin supplements that do not have black pepper.

Curcumin and black pepper, individually, offer certain health benefits. When combined, they are particularly helpful for providing relief from arthritis pain and gastric mucosal damage. Experts generally recommend the use of curcumin supplements with a black pepper extract called BioPerine.

Arthritis sufferers who use curcumin supplements with BioPerine reported some significant improvements in their pain and mobility. Curcumin has become a great alternative to pain relief drugs such as NSAIDs because it is considered to be safer, and it is effective, too (http://amazon.com/Turmeric-Curcumin-Complex-BioPerine-Bio-availability/dp/B00JA4TLTI).

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