Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent electric air board S3 in large industrial park

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - As the economy is on a rise over time, a series of large industrial parks goes up. These large industrial park measures a mammoth area. They are always home to a good many factories. One is adjacent closely to another. In spite of that, there is still a long distance from the gate of one factory to that of another.

The coming and leaving from one to another is a big time-waster. Though the private car is an ideal transport on the road, it seems out of place in such large industrial park. One has to pull the car in shortly after the car pull out. Also, the motorist need park the car in the parking plot. It will take some time from the parking lot to like destination like offices and workplace. Therefore, in such large industrial park, a proper transport is much needed. Airwheel intelligent electric air board must be exactly what those working in such large industrial park badly want.

Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter S3 is powered by electricity and thus it will never produce exhaust gas into air and pollute the air around the large industrial parks. In some workshops, it is necessary to keep clean and pollution is seriously prohibited. Airwheel S3 turns into naturally the obvious choice. The built-in battery group offers a speed of up to 18 km/h. This speed is far from intolerable. It is passable. It is very much safe and will not cause car crash. When in some workshops, the high speed is forbidden. A measured and moderate speed in the plant is ideal.

The large industrial parks, more often than not, welcome the visit made by other clients. The visit on foot is an effort. After all, the industrial park is too large. Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter S3 is lighter and compact. The speed is adjustable to the rider’s taste. When it travels in the plant, it makes no noise and never interrupts the busy workers. That way, S3 creates a high-quality visit environment.


Established in 2004, Airwheel Technology was initiated by a group of pioneers who took constant adventure to reshape the world with edged technology. With a global view, the U.S.-based enterprise started to build since its establishment R&D centers located in L.A., Beijing, and Changzhou, a marketing center in Beijing and a manufacturing center in Changzhou. As the leader in global portable intelligent transport industry, we have been dedicated to extend the fun and benefit of cutting-edge technology to everywhere in the world.

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Company Name: Airwheel Technology Holding Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Mr Tang
Add: FL9 Zhongchuang,396 Tongjiang Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu, China
Phone: +8618861270200

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