Announces the Launch of Their New Product Magic Store Builder 3.0

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November 28, 2015: announces the launching of the upgrade version of their product, Magic Store Builder 2.0 by December 13, 2015. Magic Store Builder is customized software designed using APIs from Prosperent. Prosperent is an automatic monetization technology for marketers, bloggers, forums, social networks and applications through advertisements, links, plugins, widgets, and an API.

In the Internet Marketing industry, Magic Store Builder is unique software based on an innovative & new technology to make money online. This software reduces manual work by automating creation of virtually over a million web pages. One of the revolutionary features of this software is that once the Magic Store Builder admin panel is set up on a server, one can generate new websites in less than 5 minutes. Magic Store Builder comes with pre-built templates. These templates enable easy creation of niche stores and customized stores.

The improved version of the product Magic Store Builder 2.0 allows users to install the product on their shared or VPS (Virtual Private Server) servers for affiliate marketing. Once it is installed, users can easily add their domain configurations in the admin panel of the software. The domain is directed to the server’s IP Address using the Cloudflare content delivery network. Once the name servers are fixed, an affiliate product site with virtually one million web pages is generated on the fly.

Based on the license purchased, users can include more domains in basically less than 5 minutes. The next version of the product, Magic Store Builder 3.0, will have additional features for online marketing like QR code for mobile friendliness, ability to add custom content (Ads, text, or videos), an Amazon search button and custom niche templates.

About The Company: is introducing the upgrade version of the product Magic Store Builder 2.0 by December 13, 2015. The next version of the product Magic Store Builder 3.0 will be offered as an upgrade with many additional features. For more information please visit:

To sign up as an affiliate to promote this product, please visit:

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US Address: 555, Metro Place N, Dublin OH 43017
Vaibhav Patil: email:


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