RFID Vault Offers Free Shipping on Multiple Purchases of RFID Blocking Sleeves

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Orlando, FL – Nov. 27, 2015 – Kate Rutherford, spokesperson for RFID Vault, announced that the company is offering consumers free shipping when they purchase multiples of the firm’s RFID blocking sleeves. Available exclusively on Amazon, RFID sleeves prevent hackers from scanning credit cards, driver’s licenses, passports and ID cards to obtain private information.

“RFID sleeves are an essential safety precaution for everyone,” said Rutherford.

RFID Vault protection sleeves come in packages that include 12 for credit cards and 2 for passports. The sleeves are designed to fit snugly around cards and require no cutting or trimming. The sleeves are thin, non-bulky, and can easily be placed in a pocket, wallet or purse for easy access when needed.

The company’s anti-scanning sleeves contain a high-tech coating that prevents hackers equipped with a portable RFID scanner from activating RFID chips embedded in official documentation ranging from passports, driver’s licenses, and credit cards to medical IDs and identification cards used for management access.

Depending upon the type of documentation involved, RFID chips can contain names, addresses, phone numbers, Social Security numbers, and employment information. A hacker armed with a portable RFID scanner can easily activate the chip and obtain access to all the information it contains without an RFID Vault sleeve to prevent it.

The scanners emit radio frequencies that activate an RFID chip, persuading it to disclose its information. Once the data is captured, it can be edited and cloned onto another card that can be used by the hacker for any purpose desired. Credit cards and passports aren’t the only cards at risk. Scanners can also be used on cards for access management to garages and homes.

Portable RFID scanners are an insidious problem – people don’t even know when their cards are being harvested. Depending on the sophistication of the scanner and expertise of the hacker, cards and passports can be scanned from distances ranging from 3 ft. to 300 ft. Scanners are small enough to fit in unobtrusive covers that include diaper bags, briefcases, backpacks and purses.

The free shipping offered by RFID Vault on multiple quantities provides consumers with added savings on the most efficient method of protecting credit cards, passports and RFID keys used for access management. The sleeves are a cost effective means of protecting data in RFID-based cards that can be used by hackers to gain access to finances, medical information and even homes (http://amazon.com/RFID-Blocking-Sleeves-Protector-Protection/dp/B0150T0AI2 ).

RFID Vault is a brand dedicated to protecting your bank without breaking it! Keep your personal information stored on bank cards, credit cards, drivers licenses and passports safe a secure. We are dedicated to providing quality RFID products and personal customer service.

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