Naressa Introduces Lifetime Money Back Guarantee

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Dover, DE – November 30, 2015 – Natasha Edwards, spokesperson for Naressa, announced that the firm is introducing a lifetime, money back guarantee on its new callus remover. Available exclusively on, the callus remover is an easy and convenient way to keep feet smooth, silky and callus free.

“Our lifetime, money back guarantee is good for the life of the callus remover and provides our customers with extra value,” said Edwards.

The electronic callus remover features a rolling head that spins at 30 revolutions per second, providing maximum smoothing and removal of corns and calluses. The heads are removable and replaceable, ensuring consumers always have the means to remove imperfections. It’s water resistant, easy to clean, and comes with its own cleaning brush, one coarse roller head and one extra coarse roller head.

Sleek and sophisticated, the ergonomic design ensures a secure grip that enables individuals to reach even the most difficult areas. It’s especially helpful for those with arthritic joints. The Naressa callus remover offers a safer way to remove calluses than scrapers that can damage delicate skin, while providing better smoothing than pumice stones.

The device employs pressure lock technology to protect from accidental damage due to excessive pressure. The Naressa callus remover offers individuals everything needed to pamper their feet in a single package. It provides anyone with the means to begin a new foot care regimen or improve on their current care. It works to remove dry skin, painful corns and calluses, and to smooth cracked heels.

The Naressa callus remover glides easily over skin and does the work for consumers without the need for employing hard pressure. Naressa’s wide angle roller head eliminates nicks, cuts and scrapes common with bladed surfaces, while providing uniform access to the entire foot.

Winter is an especially difficult time for feet. Indoor heating, socks and boots cause dry skin and inhibit the natural exfoliation process. Those with medical conditions, loss of sensation and neuropathy are at an additional risk for developing painful calluses and cracked feet. Naressa provides a hygienic way to maintain healthy feet that are aesthetically pleasing to view.

The lifetime, money back guarantee introduced by Naressa on its new callus remover provides consumers with extra value, allowing them to purchase with confidence. The firm’s callus remover is the modern way to smooth cracked feet, remove dead skin, and keep feet pretty and fresh during any time of the year.

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