Cyber Monday Predicted to be a Big Day for Naressa Callus Remover

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Dover, DE – November 30, 2015 – Natasha Edwards, spokesperson for Naressa, announced that the company is expecting record sales of its Naressa Callus Remover during Cyber Monday sales. Offered only on Amazon, the electronic device offers a safe and effective way to remove corns and calluses, exfoliate dead skin, and smooth cracked heels.

“We’re fully stocked and prepared to fill every order for our callus remover, no matter how many customers want,” said Edwards.

The callus remover comes boxed and ready to be wrapped for gift giving. It uses replaceable heads spinning at 30 revolutions per second to smooth and beautify. The device comes with one coarse head, one extra coarse head, and a brush for easy cleaning. It’s water resistant for many years of use.

The callus remover is effective for individuals who want to maintain a foot care regimen or for those who want to begin a new one. The device sports an ergonomic and balanced design that ensures a secure grip for reaching all areas of the foot, making it especially practical for individuals with limited hand strength, arthritis and neurological conditions.

Naressa’s callus remover features pressure lock technology that guards against injury, even if excessive pressure is applied, making it an ideal solution for introducing teens and tweens to the health and aesthetic value of keeping feet well groomed. The device is more effective than traditional pumice stones and eliminates dangerous scrapers that can cut delicate skin.

It’s never too late to begin a foot care routine to remove calluses and alleviate cracked heels. For those with diabetes and similar conditions it’s a critical part of maintaining the health of their feet. The Naressa Callus Remover is small, portable, and gently buffs feet. It can be tucked in luggage or a tote for convenience and the firm offers a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.

Consumers have embraced the Naressa Callus Remover since its launch and support hasn’t waned. The company is expecting record sales during Cyber Monday sales on Amazon and has taken measures to ensure each shopper has access to any number of the devices they want for themselves and to present as gifts. The callus remover is appropriate for adults of all ages who want smooth, beautiful feet.

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