VitaBreeze Fish Oil Stocked Up and Ready for Cyber Monday Amazon Sales

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Portland, OR – Nov. 30, 2015 – VitaBreeze spokesperson, Michelle O’Sullivan, announced that the company is well stocked on its Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement and is ready for consumers taking advantage of Cyber Monday sales on Amazon. The triple-strength formula is the most potent available for addressing inflammation.

“Inflammation can arise from a myriad of causes,” said O’Sullivan. “Our Omega 3 Fish Oil is specially formulated for maximum absorbency, ensuring our customers obtain the greatest benefit possible.”

The 2,400 mg. supplement features 1,400 mg. of pharmaceutical grade fish oil, 800 mg. of EPA and 600 mg. of DHA. The soft gel caps are appropriate for vegans and contain an enteric coating that eliminates the fishy after taste, reflux and dyspepsia common with other fish oil supplements. The coating allows the formula to reach the intestinal tract where it can be of most benefit to the immune system.

An advanced molecular distillation process ensures the safety, purity and efficacy of each batch. No farmed fish are used in the company’s formula and the unique distillation process removes PCBs, toxins and heavy metals. VitaBreeze customers will find no GMOs, common allergens or artificial ingredients in the supplement.

No fillers, binders, preservatives or stearates are used to ensure a natural remedy. The supplement is manufactured in the U.S. according to stringent GMP guidelines in an FDA approved facility. VitaBreeze voluntarily submits each batch of its product to an independent third-party laboratory for testing.

Omega-3 oils are important for a number of reasons, primary of which is helping the body regulate its response to inflammation that’s present in arthritis and a variety of other syndromes and conditions. Fish oil has also been scientifically proven to be beneficial for reducing the risk of heart disease and keeping brain cells healthy.

The body can’t manufacture omega-3s and has to obtain them from outside sources, leaving many people with a deficiency. Muscle mass, insulin sensitivity and activating weight loss enzymes all rely on a sufficient supply of omega-3s.

The VitaBreeze Omega 3 Fish Oil supplement has earned the loyalty of customers around the world and the company has taken steps to ensure that anyone shopping on Amazon during Cyber Monday will have access to the number of bottles they desire.

About VitaBreeze
VitaBreeze is a nutraceutical brand that manufactures high-quality natural supplements to help people live a healthy, enjoyable and longer life. All of the company’s products are manufactured in the United States using the finest quality ingredients that have been carefully selected, tested and crafted into the firm’s formulas. Visit to learn more.

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