Communitrainer: the New iPhone Device for Your Communication Skills Training Sessions

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December 1, 2015: With the increasing popularity and greater use of the mobile applications, these are getting used for a number of purposes. Nowadays, the mobile apps are being implemented for providing business and educational training, performance based applications, and game based learning solutions. From several mobile platforms and mobile phones, iPhone applications are completely suitable to emerge amongst the most adequately used platform that gets its position surrounded by cell phones and tablets.

iPhone applications are more and more getting well known for their ability to deal with all aspects of work and life like business, enjoyment, office, Education and also numerous others works. Communitrainer app is a specific ipad, iPhone app to the professionals working into coaching, training specific skills like communication. It is a friendly and very helpful iPhone app for communication skills training.

Communitrainer is a highly effective tool to calculate efficiently the performances of your trainees. This new iPhone device can be used for your teaching and exams purpose. It is ideal for use within Educational institutions, businesses and language training. Team-building and leadership skills also can be enhanced and trained by means of this application which is an opened one and can keep track of the participants speech performances during time and from session to session.

Communitrainer is focused on corporate businesses, human resources departments with skills of training their staff, to independent instructors and coachers, students and psychologists, leadership coachers, academia. Enhance your leadership and communication skills, develop presentation techniques or increase your negotiation and public speaking with this new iPhone app Communitrainer.

About The Company:
Communitrainer is a very convenient and friendly iPhone app for communication skills training to strengthen individual and team skills and organizational performance. For more information visit

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Celebrain LTD


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