Kinder Surprise eggs, eggs with toys on YouTube mesmerize children

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Kinder Surprise eggs, eggs with toys on YouTube mesmerize children


Kinder Surprise Eggs are extremely popular around the world, but illegal to sell in the US due to small toy parts which the FDA says could be a choking hazard.
It turns out that 99.99% of the views of Kinder eggs on YouTube are on videos made by independent creators, rather than the brand itself. At Octoly we call this a "love brand," where fans are so excited by the product that they will make videos and watch millions of YouTube views about the products, whether the brand is involved or not. But while brands can no longer expect to fully control the overall message about their products on YouTube, they can have an influential voice. Kinder, in this case, chooses not to do so, which is unfortunate. As the brand's creator they could engage with creators in exciting ways to make the content footprint even larger, driving even more sales internationally. Currently it's an opportunity lost.

Some observers say that the popularity of these videos is partly due to something called ASMR, or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is a new popular term that essentially means that the sound of the unwrapping tinfoil makes you feel good. Or maybe the videos succeed because they a combination of several things kids like: chocolate, toys, and the surprise of multi-layer unwrappings. Here are the steps in a standard egg unwrapping:
1. Examine the original Kinder Surprise wrapped tinfoil. It's largely white.
2. Unwrap the tinfoil to find the chocolate egg.
3. Break the egg open. It splits easily in half.
4. Discover that it has white chocolate inside and there is a yellow plastic container inside.
5. Eat a bit of the chocolate.
6. Open plastic yellow container.
7. Peer inside to see what you found.
8. Reveal what the toy is by plucking it out.
9. Play with toy.
10. Repeat billions of times.
Here's an example of the standard unwrappings in "Two Kinder Surprise Eggs, BIG vs Small - Easter Collection from Ferrero," where a father records a video of his son opening the eggs. It has 4.4 million views.
Check this video as example :

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