Tissot Classic PR 100 T049.410.33.057.00 Mens Watch

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Tradition meets fine materials and an iconic watch is born! But you probably canít call this a luxury timepiece. Its lack of luxury is its saving grace! If it bursts anyoneís bubble on the idea of what Tissot is, the Tissot Classic PR 100 T049.410.33.057.00 mens watch didnít trot out to impress mall shoppers. There are no multiple functions, but high-stress durability and dictates an appropriate appearance with appropriate attire. A decidedly different Tissot amidst a plethora of crossovers!

Few watches are made to be destined towards true versatility; this Tissot PR 100 is a classic example. Far from being fussy or old-fashioned, it is simple sophistication presented in a simpler form. Itís a watch that can be worn often or you can keep it separate for occasions only; thanks to its elegant but simple, black dial with date function and tapering hour markers. Its Precision milled grade 316L steel cases and sapphire crystal protect while the other components remind of Tissotís long history in watch production. It proves useful when needed and more style-oriented when you have a purpose. This one is different from watches that look nice but you donít trust them enough under demanding atmospheres; neither is it about impressing anyone without a reason. There isnít too much to flourish or flash, but thereís enough to get noticed. Itís not too much a watch for twiggy wrists but looks equally good on the manlier types. It is built to make you develop affection for it and makes it a watch that matters, especially when itís your first one.

Tasteful and free from quibbles, the clean and handsome Tissot Le Locle Automatic PR 100 T049.410.33.057.00 Mens Watch exudes a broader fashion appeal. Its overall aesthetics, especially its simple and elegant face, symbolise luxury in a quality and classic style. Yet it retains its precise and robust, up-to-the-minute looks that made it hugely popular among the style-conscious globally. Its black finish prevents any rivalry between dressing styles and blends with them without missing the tone. Formal daytime parties or evenings of ultimate luxury, the Tissot T-Touch Expert PR 100 T049.410.33.057.00 Mens Watch goes from banquets to business parties and corporate dinners where refined tastes matter a lot.

Tissot itself is a brand long adored by the mass for their heritage and fabulous creations, even with their quartz watches. Accuracy comes next and its zero inaccuracy. Over long spans, the Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar PR 100 T049.410.33.057.00 Mens Watch can retain accuracy equal to +3 seconds as monthly average. Thatís a perfectly advanced piece of technology, in an admirable embodiment. All in all, the Tissot Classic PR 100 T049.410.33.057.00 Mens Watch is a respectable timepiece that didnít get famous for a charming personality but for its overall purposefulness.


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