OKCash: The Future of Social Payments

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December 10, 2015: OKCash technology is a new form of money that is digital and can be connected directly between users without the need of bank accounts or it can be traded for physical money. Digital cash is considered as one of the best social payments options for the future, whether for use in regular retail setting or to take part in electronic business over the web or it can be used in the development of sharing economies.

Bitcoin is one of the first digital monetary forms that can be used on the web and is not managed by a central bank and has its own made-up principles. Bitcoin is recognized as the best known digital currency that depends on computer networks to resolve complicated encryption algorithms, in order to verify and record the details of every transaction made.

Similar to Bitcoin, OKCash is new cryptocurrency that was introduced in November 2014. Since the beginning OK has revealed a unique interest among the users and aims to make the coin widely available and user friendly for the community. OKCash has started a new propensity in the cryptocurrency world, by infusing a positive vibe into its design and code and empowering the users.

OKCash has been referred to as "The future for Social Payments" and it has one of the most powerful social presences in the cryptocurrency environment. An unparalleled level of security is possible with OKCash. It is made to authorize and allow its users to have complete control over their money. By using this cryptocurrency, secure payments are possible without slow and expensive middlemen. An OKCash transaction can be more cost-effective than its alternatives and be finished in a shorter time.

OKCash OK is open-source; its design is public, nobody owns or controls OKCash and everyone can take part.

About The Technology:
OKCash is a new cryptocurrency that uses Proof of Stake technology which means there is no need for special equipment or high energy bills to pay as it happens with most cryptocurrencies, thus making OKCash long term sustainable and energy friendly. For more information visit http://okcash.co

Contact Details:
Website: http://okcash.co


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