The Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Palm Sugar

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Virgin coconut oil has been proven to keep people away from the risk of heart disease, cancer and colon problem. This positive impact is seen on tropical climate areas such as Polynesia, Sri Lanka, and Yucatan. The result of research also stated that virgin coconut oil is good for diet and heart disease.
What is Virgin Coconut Oil?


Seeing the benefits above, it is important to know what virgin coconut oil is. Virgin coconut oil is an oil product which is extracted from kernel or meat of coconut and the coconut has to be a mature coconut. Because of the benefits, virgin coconut oil is considered as healthiest oil on earth. It is also not surprising because virgin coconut oil has been used for thousand years for food and medicine especially in Asia and Pacific. Virgin coconut oil is also popular in Indonesia so people can easily buy virgin coconut oil indonesia. It is also strongly related to the benefits of this oil. Those benefits are including:
Giving more energy
Thanks to the fatty acids in which it is stimulating your metabolism and at the same time you will get more energy to finish your hectic days.
Killing dangerous bacteria
It is known that virgin coconut oil contains of caprylic acids and the role is to kill dangerous bacteria in your body.
Controlling the level of cholesterol
Virgin coconut oil can reduce the level of bad cholesterol because of the lauric acid. At the same time, this acid also increased the level of good cholesterol.
Useful for diet program
The fatty acid in virgin coconut oil is different than ordinary fats. This fatty acid helps you to produce more energy.
Different Healthy Product from Coconut
The other product which also produced from coconut is coconut palm sugar. This sugar is considered as a healthy sugar. This is because coconut palm sugar has a lot of vitamins and minerals. This product is also a popular product in Indonesia. Most Indonesia people used it as natural sweetener or cooking ingredient. Coconut palm sugar can be added to tea or coffee, fruit juices, cakes, pudding, and many more. Nowadays, there is also organic coconut palm sugar indonesia. This sugar is produced in Indonesia along with organic process. Interestingly, the coconut palm sugar Indonesia has been certified by IMO and it pass through the standard of European, USA, and Japan. For those who want to buy and try coconut palm sugar, you can just find a reputable coconut sugar supplier indonesia.

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