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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - California Educators Financial and Insurance Services help clients secure higher income during their retirement

November 27, 2015
Announcing a series of classes from California Educators Financial and Insurance Services. These classes are designed for people looking for updated strategies that will help build and preserve wealth in volatile times. The key is to start with a basic foundation that supports a formidable and secure retirement income strategy. California Educators Financial and Insurance Services is a company that places emphasis on using safer income strategies for its key foundation in planning for retirement. Based in Woodland Hills, California, the company offers a variety of retirement products and they provide personalized assistance to each and every client.

One of the key factors in creating a stable income plan for a successful retirement is to make sure you fall into a reduced tax bracket using a few time-tested strategies. When investing with an eye on reducing or eliminating taxes in retirement, proactive, calculated contributions to three types of investment accounts are crucial. A successful elimination strategy will enable your clients to draw tax-free streams of income from the Roth IRA, Cash Value Life Insurance, Traditional IRA and Social Security. Experienced and professional help is the best help that clients could ever receive.

California Educators Financial and Insurance Services provide classes for the public and existing clients. Many of the retirement strategies utilized by your parents have grown outdated and may no longer be applicable to those looking to retire today. The class compares and contrasts the old retirement paradigms of yesteryear and the new paradigms of today as you prepare to retire in the 21st century. You’ll discover how to insulate yourself from the risk of rising taxes, protect your Social Security from taxation, and avoid common pitfalls as you distribute your assets in retirement. Perhaps most importantly, this class will teach you how to develop a personalized strategy as you confront the challenges of retiring in a rapidly changing world.

California Educators Financial and Insurance Services clients are provided with the most updated information to ensure that their income strategies are on track. They receive the information by way of newsletters, email and yearly reviews. California Educators Financial
and Insurance Services believe transparency and reliability are two very important qualities that the company imparts to its clients.

The new dates for classes will be on February 11, 16, 18 and 23, 2016. To schedule for a slot in one of California Educators Financial and Insurance Services’ classes call (818) 206-1163 or email

Michael Snowhite, CRFA has been in business for more than 20 years. For more information on the company’s services email or call (818) 206-1163.

California Educators Financial and Insurance Services
Woodland Hills, CA
Phone: (818) 206-1163

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