Australians Alerted To Termite Swarming Season

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Banksmeadow, NSW, Australia, December 13, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - Outdoor lovers in Australia welcome spring, however it also brings with it flying termites that are looking for a suitable location in order to establish a new nest. After having been dormant over the winter months, warm late spring climatic conditions are the signal for termites to swarm.

Mr Andrew Adler, founder of leading Sydney based pest control company Pestworks Net Australia said, "The rising temperatures and humidity bring with it flying termites that can cause havoc for all property owners. Swarming termites can establish a new nest within a building or its surroundings. They do not discriminate between residential and commercial properties, so it is important that not only home but also business owners are on the alert."

Swarming termites is a spring phenomenon, it is part of termite life cycle by which they spread across all urban areas. On a quiet, hot and humid late afternoon usually just before a storm, an established termite nest will release tens of thousands flying termites that are often mistaken for ants. Flying termitesÂ’ solitary mission is to start a new nest. When a suitable environment is found they shed their wings and morph into a new queen and king ready to start a new colony.

"Given their destructive nature it is critical that a pest control expert is called upon the first sighting of a swarm. Flying termites are also a sign that an established termite nest is present within the vicinity." Mr Adler said. He went on to say, "Peoples homes and businesses are their biggest assets and so regular termite inspections will significantly reduce chances for termites establishing themselves and causing major structural damage."

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About Pestworks:
Pestworks Net Australia was founded in 1991 by Andrew Adler and services commercial, Government and residential clients in the Sydney and New South Wales region. They are fully accredited, licensed and insured pest control operators. Andrew Adler is an experienced pest control and termite expert with extensive field knowledge and has been protecting properties from pest infestations in Sydney metropolitan area for more than 24 years.

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