How to Pack Furniture for Moving Interstate

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Moving interstate is much more taxing than just relocating to another suburb. Preparing for an interstate move involves a whole lot of things to consider – right from quarantine regulations to the actual packing of your furniture and belongings. While a removalist company may take care of your interstate move, you might want to pack the furniture yourself, simply because professional removalists may not take the same care of your stuff as you will.

Here are some things you can do beforehand to prepare for your big move interstate.

Planning and Preparation

You know your furniture best. Firstly, take stock of the large pieces of furniture you have, make a list. Check out which of the items of furniture can be dismantled and which of them require extra packing. It is a good idea to keep a list of items packed and loaded on to the trucks. You have a record of the items for your own reference and it also comes in handy for insurance purposes should anything go wrong during the move.

Packing Requirements

Should you decide to pack furniture for moving interstate yourself, you will need a few items. These include packing tape, cling film, bubble wrap and furniture blankets. If you decide to transport your furniture in shipping containers, you will also need rope to secure your boxes and items of furniture to the tie rails in the container.

Dismantling Furniture

An Interstate removals north west involves long distances and a longer transit time, which in turn means more possibility of damages. Large items of furniture which can be taken apart should be disassembled and packed with proper padding. Fittings, screws, nuts and bolts must be packed along with the furniture in zip-loc bags and labeled.

Packing Delicate Electronic Items

The TV, music system, computers and other electronic items may be packed in their original packing boxes if you still have them. If not, extra care should be taken to see that adequate cushioning material is used while packing these items. Before unplugging the device, take a photo so you know how to reassemble it. Tie up the cables and wires together and place in the same carton. You might also bubble wrap sharp edges and corners to prevent scratches and scraping.

Labeling the Cartons

Packing Boxes containing delicate items like glassware and crockery must be prominently labeled as “Fragile”. Boxes that must be placed upright should have arrow markings to denote the direction in which to be placed. Also, put up a list of contents on the boxes. Delicate items of furniture as well as antique pieces require extra care- pack them with extra cushioning material and bubble wrap. All such items must be tightly wrapped and taped securely.

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