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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - With the introduction of the all new CBR reader tool, viewing CBR files is simple. This straightforward and uncomplicated app can be used effortlessly to open and view CBR files. It can be installed and utilized easily.

The app offers different screen size options and it can be used to view a large number of files simultaneously. There are several options to display the comic book files. It can function effectively on all window versions. The program includes attractive features such as the option to scroll, open and view comic book files from memory cards, DVDs, CDs and so forth.

It is also easy to customize the size of the comic book files with the help of this freeware app. The size of the text can be enlarged to fit the whole screen or decreased according to the requirements of the reader. The tool is compact and light weight which further enhances its performance on the system.

According to the reviews of a recent user, “Free CBR reader app is just fun and exciting to use. It has great and exemplary features. I have always enjoyed using this tool, thanks to its brilliant developers. I can now read and enjoy my comic book files without any complications. It has many other splendid features which I love to use. I would surely recommend this app to all. It is free from unwanted add-on programs too.”

Free CBR Reader app is quite flexible and it can be utilized effectively and quickly. It has a good performance speed and hardly occupies any disk space. It seldom affects the performance of the system. To know more about the Free CBR reader tool, please visit:

Free CBR Reader

Free CBR reader app is an app which can be used to open and view comic book files.

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