Texting Base Brings Geo-Locational Groups Into SMS Messaging

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - There was currently no way to geo-locate mobile numbers for communication purposes. Texting Base, a marketing automation company, has created a way to search an area and pull all contacts from a zip code radius, city or state and then text that selected area through their cloud-based software.


Orlando, FL December 15, 2015: Geo-located Groups are a powerful way to reach people based for local items, which might interest the individual. When using a phone, messages are sent personally or in a group text. However, there is no option to establish a group based upon a city/state or a zip code.

Texting Base has established geo-located groups as one of its newest features. It enables the sender of a message to chose a zip code or city/state and send a personal message to everyone within that specific geographic area in seconds. When combined with Texting Base’s patented personalization algorithm, this means businesses can personally reach out to individuals on a granular level which was impossible before without writing messages one at a time.

Texts can be sent for personal or business purposes. “This technology is a difference maker for everyone from the business traveler, to business franchises with multiple locations or anyone with mobile events or tours including DJ’s and bands. We are bringing efficiency to personalized geo-communication. Looking through your phone and hoping you remember who else lives in the city you are going to can be a thing of the past,” comments Eric Beans, the CEO for Texting Base.

Geo-group messaging allows business to target their messages, offers or invitations at a city/state or zip code level. “Everything from commerce to political issues almost always depends on location. This gives the sender more flexibility to target the message to the local issues. In turn, it increases the potential power of the communications,” said Beans.

Texting Base offers custom fields that increase efficiency for businesses.. This can also improve word of mouth marketing. Statistics show that satisfied customers tell approximately nine people about their experience.. SMS coupons are also 10 times more likely to be redeemed than paper coupons, making SMS an emerging tool most businesses have not tapped into.

The use of geo-located groups will help improve productivity as well as communication. All companies can agree that time is valuable. Greater efficiency established as a result of more personalized communication can save time and decrease man-hours for marketing. It can also help consumers feel they receive a personal and unique experience. Customers receive information that is pertinent to them and only them.

Contact Person Name: Eric Beans
Position: CEO & Founder
Company Name: Texting Base Inc.
Address: 4767 New Broad Street, Orlando, FL 32814
Contact Telephone Number: (1-844-4-Texting or 844-483-9846)
Email: info@textingbase.com
Website: http://www.textingbase.com

About Texting Base Inc.
Texting Base, Inc. is an SMS Marketing Automation Platform. Texting Base, Inc. specializes in personalizing and scheduling group texts. The company was founded in 2012 and has headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

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