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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - ‘PDF solutions’ comes up with its latest technical wonder which is the Scan to PDF. The software allows the user to scan the document and save it as a PDF file. The software also allows merging of multiple files into one PDF so that the entire materials specific to one project can be kept together. The software automatically generates the file name of the PDF document once the scanning is done. The software also creates and maintains default scanner profiles for different types apart from creating a log file which contains the details of the pages scanned, which include file name, file path, page count and others.

The Scan to PDF software breaks the traditional method of scanning pages where the pages turn into images after the scan is done. Images do not carry an impression, and they look completely unprofessional and cannot be sent. The PDF scanner comes for free of cost and can convert the file types to a PDF format. This gives a more professional look to the document. Apart from having a professional look, the new PDF document manner enables the user to read and edit within the format.

The whole process of scanning the documents and converting it into a PDF format is very easy. The user would be able to scan to PDF with just a few clicks. The final result is a professional looking and well formatted PDF document. There are other softwares that convert documents to PDF after the scan. But the whole process takes a long time. The Scan to PDF software developed by PDF solutions takes hardly a few seconds to scan and convert to PDF. Despite having so many features that could make the lives of the user easy, the PDF scanning software comes with absolutely free. The user need not do any research in the market and inquire about the best scan to PDF software.

About Scan to PDF

The Free Scan to PDF from PDF solutions is software that enables the user to scan the documents and save them as PDF files.

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