An Easy-To-Use Free MKV to AVI Converter Unveiled

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Good news for people who wish to convert files from one type to the other. The free MKV to AVI converter is here – that helps in converting files of one type to other. One of the most famous types of media files are AVI files, whereas MKV files belong to the less famous category. Hence, the need of the hour lies in converting the less popular MKV files to the most popular AVI files, whenever needed. All these days, one had to resort to poor quality conversion software, for solving this issue. But, now thanks to this new technology – the free MKV to AVI converter, conversion has become much more easy and cost effective.

Added to it, lies the benefit of its easy installation. One only has to follow few basic steps:

- Look for the installation icon in the software
- Read the tutorial and guide process
- Gain an understanding on the operation of the software
- Find basic instructions that detail on the important parts
- Browse through the computer
- Find the MKV file
- Convert the MKV file into AVI files

Voila! It is done – a painless and hassle free process with immaculate quality.


This software is not only fast to use, but the quality of conversion is impeccable. It is very high because of its relatively specific feature.


The use of this app is limited only to conversion of MKV files to AVI files. Apart from this, it does not support other functions and it does not have many features.


Despite this minor flaw, the app is very useful in that people require highest quality. It is always good to have a very high quality output, during conversion of the MKV files to AVI files. This is the unique and highly prized feature of this app that sets it apart.

About Us:

This free MKV to AVI converter is a software application that can help one in converting files from one type to the other, easy to install and easy to use. It is economical and gives the best in terms of quality of output.

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