The MKV Codec: The format that provides support to a large number of audio and video files

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - There’s a latest app in the market – the MKV Codec – a format that extends support to a large number of audio and video files. These files can be played on the users’ Windows Media Player. This MKV Codec is called Codec Pack. It can hold a number of tracks ranging from music or videos in a single file. It is a Universal format. What is more, it is free of cost, and is used to improve the existing media player. It helps to take all this to a completely new level. The free MKV Codec supports almost all the audio and video files.

Installation of this format is also not cumbersome. It can be installed in two ways, that largely depends on the choice of installation opted and the pattern of usage.


Two Types of Installation:
- The very basic kind of installation and
- the second that allows the user to customize settings on the media player. This is to gain a handsomer experience.

Both these installations are of high quality and neither has any glitches.

HD Quality:

This being the high definition era, this free media player codec pack even supports audio and video formats.

Need based:

The user has no particular need to install this free MKV Codec pack on the media player, unless there are any protected formats.


Thanks to this tool, watching videos has become a delightful, universal and enjoyable experience, as it supports subtitles in several languages. Users all over the world can install it easily, and that adds frills to the whole package.

Easy Installation:

Easy, hassle free and less time consuming installation process

Can be used on multiple devices:

Users, the world over, can enjoy movies and videos on multiple devices to the maximum.

Choice of Codec Packs:

Only the codec packs that are required need to be installed onto a device. Thus, users have a choice. The free MKV Codec installation is ideal for enjoying high quality audio and video files by users who do not have media players that do not support many formats.

It even allows the choice of specific codec packs so that only those that are needed can be installed onto a device. For all those users who have a media player that does not support many formats, this free MKV Codec installation is ideal for enjoying audio and video files of high quality.

About Us:

This free MKV format is an the latest, easy to use, free and fun forma that provides support to innumerable audio and video files and users’ can enjoy these audios and videos in their own Windows Media Players.

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