CTR Drones For World Class Aerial Photography Services

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Drones are becoming increasingly popular day by day in the commercial industry. You daily come across a new announcement online about a new drone getting released or you come across a drone on television. There are many benefits of using drones but, mostly they are used not as toys or weapons but, as tools. These tools can also be used to earn money. There have been many studies and researches done on the sales of drones that prove that there have been a rapid increase in the sales of drones, thereby indicating that there has been an increase in the drone based services.

Out of many drones services some have stood out from the rest because of their high quality products and services. CTR UAV Drone Services is one among them. They not only provide professional but also effective aerial solutions.
CTR Drone Services was initiated by their Director after years of operating with drones, commercially as well as from a military perspective.
CTR has redefined the use of drones for aerial photography. With the help of their professional and expert staff they procure the best equipment available in the market. Their Research and Development team works skilfully to increase the efficiency and safety of their equipment ancillaries.
CTR offers specifically designed equipment fitted with the highest grade of camera systems for commercial aerial Survey, making sure that their clients receive the best.

The inspection drones are a professional solution to all needs. They are designed with state of the art, unmanned, and professional grade air systems that are backed by expert experience and complete insurance.
CTR operates in several sectors that require the need of for UAV inspection services. The capability and advantages of these drones relates to various industries and sectors.

Advantages of CTR Drone Services:
● CTR provides only the qualified and experienced UAV Operators.
● The drones come with BNUC-S pilot licence and CAA permission for aerial photography and UAV inspection services London.
● Quick and flexible approach
● Backing of industry specific insurance
● Detailed risk assessments and method statements
● Tailor made services offered on request.

CTR assures that their every drone passes the standards of BNUC-S Pilot qualification, CAA permission for aerial work, and relevant insurance for inspection.
You can use these complete aerial solutions to bring a new perspective in your business. These UAVs will meet all your needs. They cost effective and a simple solution to filming and aerial photography from the air.

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