Disabled Barry University Graduate Launches New Website

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - EZHomeLights.com established for people who would like to light up their world with quality and modestly-priced lighting fixtures.


December 10, 2015. Announcing the launch of a new website EZHomeLights.com, a home lighting shopping site that provides a wide selection of high quality, stylish and affordable lighting fixtures. EZHomeLights.com has a wide variety of products that will suit any home design and living space. It also offers updated interior lighting solutions such as dusk to dawn lighting, solar lighting and more. With a team of trained and professional installers, EZHomeLights.com provides quality customer service no matter what kind of fixture is to be installed.

EZHomeLights.com is a new site created by a Barry University graduate who, due to a childhood illness, is confined to a wheelchair. He never let his disability interfere with his dreams of securing a traditional job however, despite undergoing training; he was never able to do so. Instead he accepted irregular jobs as a substitute teacher regardless of location and wages.

Working online allows him to practice his skills and knowledge learned at the university while working from one location. Together with his team at EZHomeLights.com, he will be able to provide top quality home lighting products at the best prices and completely improve the overall look and feel of any home.

For more information about EZHomeLights.com and to contact the owner visit their website http://www.EZHomeLights.com or call 954-533-4118.


EZHomeLights.com is a completely new interior home lighting site that sells updated, stylish, quality and affordable lighting fixtures. Products are colorfully presented with complete descriptions to allow the customer to make a smart shopping choice. Created by a Barry graduate, this site is very professional and developed to meet customers discerning needs for optimum home lighting. For more information about EZHomeLights.com visit their website http://www.EZHomeLights.com or call 954-533-4118.

Website: http://www.EZHomeLights.com
Phone: 954-533-4118

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