AutomationForum Talks About The Ways To Achieve Industrial Automation And The Basics Of DCS and PLC programming And Electrical Engineering

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It has now become a matter of top most priority in the industries to save energy. Industrial Automation plays a major role in ensuring energy efficiency with the automation of manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes. The use of machine vision increases and this provides automatic inspection and robot guidance functions and also results in a steady increase in the use of robots. With the help of Industrial Automation, the companies can achieve optimum cost of operations, resource optimization, and real-time data gathering automation which includes multiscreen generation of reports.

Resource optimization also improves the financial strength of the industry and helps being compliant. The overall Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) compliance improves substantially by accurate reporting. The smart alert management systems help in responding to incidents immediately. The operational downtime becomes lower and the efficiency increases with global views, real time situation awareness, alarm management, workflow automation and mobility solutions.

The productivity increases by multiple folds, which in turn increases the revenue. All this is done by enabling collaboration, cost minimization, plant integration and higher operational visibility at all the control centers including local and central. DCS Programming and plc programming are generally used to receive, send and process the data from sensors, control valves and actuators as a part of the control system in modern manufacturing and processing plants.

The analog devices offer a number of products, signal chain solutions and technical expertise to help engineers meet the challenges faced today in the field of designing. Instrumentation engineering mainly focuses on the operations of measuring instruments that are used in design and configuration of automated systems in electrical, pneumatic domains and other domains. This is mainly applied in those industries which have automated processes in place. Chemical or manufacturing plants are few such examples where instrumentation is applicable.

Instrumentation improves system productivity, reliability safety, optimization and stability. Most of the tasks which are included in instrumentation engineering are domain specific. However, there are some common concerns across the domains which include selection of appropriate sensors based on the size, weight, cost, reliability, accuracy, longevity, environmental robustness and frequency response.

Electrical Engineering is today categorized into a number of subcategories like power engineering, telecommunications, digital computers, control systems, microelectronics, signal processing and many more. This stream helps in automation by which the need for human work is reduced to a large extent. Electrical automation paves way for better project management, better quality and maintenance.

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