MOGO Puts CRM In The Palm Of Users’ Hands

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Oakland, CA 94612-3648
Phone: (408) 475-6839

MOGO puts CRM in the palm of users’ hands

Mobile first CRM app enables users to communicate, collaborate, socialize, and close deals faster with clients.
MOGO CRM has created a mobile-first customer relationship management platform that gives users the ability to communicate with their customers from anywhere on any mobile platforms.
“People spend so much time on their mobile devices,” a MOGO spokesperson said. “It seemed obvious to us that the CRM industry needed to adapt to that model. Whereas most other CRMs are web apps with a mobile app added on after the fact, we created a true mobile first CRM that uses the intuitive users interface that people already know from using their mobile device.”
In creating the app, MOGO’s goal was to give users a single place where they could take care of every task, the spokesperson said. The app integrates with Google Apps, Office 365, backend systems such as Oracle and more, and does so in one app.
Because it was created specifically for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, MOGO offers features that other CRMs don’t, such as one-click conference calls and one-click appointment scheduling. It also lets users send emails directly from the app, which are then tracked automatically. Appointments sync with the user’s calendar and the MOGO CRM server, also automatically.
Perhaps the biggest benefit is the ability for any employee to be able to assist a customer, a spokesperson for MOGO said.
“Our mobile CRM allows for a customer’s information to be accessed by any employee at any time, so even remote workers are able to get quickly up to speed when assisting a customer. Employees can access a customer’s history, buying trends and more, and can cater to each customer’s needs.”
MOGO’s premium plans start at $12 per user per month.
More information is available at

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