Siegel Law Group files lawsuit against Schlumberger for unpaid overtime

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Siegel Law Group files lawsuit against Schlumberger for unpaid overtime


23 December 2015

The Siegel Law Group, in cooperation with Lee and Braziel, has recently filed a collective action lawsuit against Schlumberger N.V. for workers with unpaid overtime.

The law group filed the lawsuit to challenge the Houston-based company’s policy that classifies certain oilfield workers as not qualified for overtime pay. The law group further explained that the company systematically fails to provide the HSE Specialists and Coordinators their overtime pay. Schlumberger is alleged to have violated the Act on Fair Labor Standards.

The Siegel Law Group has categorically classified itself as a law firm that specializes on wage and overtime pays. It is geared towards helping workers and employees find solutions and justice in their unpaid wages and overtime. They encourage workers who have problems on wage and overtime to visit their office, which is located at Meadow Park Tower, 10440 N. Central Expy, Suite 1040, Dallas, Texas. They can be contacted through phone at (214)-790-4454. They can also be reached through email at

On their website, the Siegel Law Group stated that it “brought the Schlumberger Lawsuit as a collective action and seek to send notice to all current and former Schlumberger HSE Coordinators and Specialists who worked for the company over the last three years to join the lawsuit.’ The law firm calls on anyone who is part of the group of employees that have unpaid overtime to call them or fill out the form they provide on their website. The form requires information such as your name, e-mail address, phone number, and message.

The law group has made clarifications about the employees who are eligible or qualified to join the lawsuit against Schlumberger. “If you worked at Schlumberger within the last three years and were not paid overtime for working over 40 hours in a week (even if you were paid a salary or day rate), you may be eligible to join the Schlumberger Overtime Lawsuit and seek unpaid wages. Contact us today at 214-790-4454 to discuss your eligibility to collect unpaid overtime wages,” the Siegel Law Group stated on its website.

On its website, the law group also clearly stated the information about the case so that interested parties may have a clear idea about the lawsuit. The information clearly states that Jack Siegel, Jay Forester, and J. Derek Braziel represent the potential group of HSE oilfield workers at Schlumberger. Initially, the lawsuit was filed on behalf of James Marty Ogle on June 29, 2015. The lawsuit also covers all other individuals who have worked at the company under the same situation. Currently, the lawsuit with Case No. 3:15-cv-02181-N is pending at the Northern District of Texas, Dallas Division United States District Court.

The latest update about the case is the inclusion of MWD Operators, who are included in the additional lawsuit. The law group said, “If you are a current or former Schlumberger MWD Operator paid pursuant to a day rate or day rate/base salary plan, please feel free to contact us about your eligibility for the Schlumberger Lawsuit.”

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