Aims to Make India Chat Widely Popular by Introducing Hidden Indian Hotties

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA -, a chat portal that has left its indelible impressions in the heart of hundreds of satisfied male patrons, recently announced that they are going to introduce a few hidden Indian hotties to the growing community of male chat partners. The owners said that India chat happens to be one of the most popular online entertainment options known to date. However, they added that from now on, their male patrons can expect to meet and greet a few Indian women who never came online before chatting live with men.

The owners maintained that their scouting team has networked along the length and breadth of the country to find small-town Indian divas, college beauty pageant winners and many other Indian women who were at first apprehensive about joining online chat forums for chatting with strangers from across the world.

“We have talked to housewives, college students and self-dependent Indian women who were convinced that there is no harm in talking to male patrons using Voice over Internet Protocol systems and their webcams. We have successfully managed to strike out the fear and doubt from their minds. We now take pride in the gradually expanding community of Indian divas who are here to provide complete entertainment to our respected male members from around the world”, said a chief recruitment officer of owners also claimed that they want to make Indian chat popular in those areas where Indian cam chatting is still not big enough. “We are targeting South American countries and Central American countries for a start. Before we started counting, we also didn’t have any idea that so many Indian divas speak English, Spanish or Portuguese fluently. Besides, there are Indian women who speak Tamil, Bengali, Hindi and other native languages very well. We think we can cater to both Indian and non-Indian clients in a better way now”, said a web administrator and co-owner of

The co-owner also informed that the Indian girls working with them are from different Indian cities. “We also have working class non-resident Indian women as a part of the community”, he added.

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