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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, Place, and 30th December, 2015 : One of the Canadian Canadian novella author wrote a novella series about Bosnian Civil War, named is Heart of Rape Genocide. He is very famous novella writer name is kai kazi. You can find a lots of information about the war of Bosnian. The majority women were raped by the opponent.

On 29 February 1992, the multiethnic republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, constituting Catholic Croats, Orthodox Serbs and Muslim Slavs, passed a referendum for independence from Yugoslavia. However, not all Bosnian Serbs agreed with the move, although the rest of the population did, as they were trying to cede from Serbia, alarmed by the Serb leader, Slobodan Milosevic’s attempts to seize control of federal government and his repressive measures in Kosovo.

Under the presence of protecting the Serb minority in Bosnia, Serbian leaders channeled arms and military support to Serbian nationalist minorities in Bosnia. Initially many Bosnians believed that the Yugoslav National Army would protect them, but before long is was clearly evident that the National Army was under the control of Milosevic.

On 6 April 1992, the Bosnian Serbs began their siege of Sarajevo, cutting off Muslim, Croat and Serb residents from food, utilities and communications. For three years, the world watched normal people attempting to go about their daily routines while avoiding sniper fire. Throughout Bosnia, Bosnian Serb nationalist militias and the Yugoslav National Army began a policy of ethnic cleansing against the non-Serb civilian population. They captured towns, ransacked houses and apartments, separated men and women, detaining them in camps, killing many men and raping many women. Millions of Bosnians and Croats were forced to flee their homes, resulting in the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since World War Two.

However, the response of the international community continued to be very limited, the UN responded by imposing economic sanctions on Serbia and deployed troops to protect the distribution of food and medicine, but they strictly prohibited its troops from intervening militarily.

Kai kazi is one of most popular novella writer, who wrote the Heart Novella Series also. Here is available 10 novellas series by the Artist. The Heart of Rape Genocide is available for Free till Jan 1 on Amazon. So for yours click now.

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Book URL: http://www.amazon.com/Heart-Rape-Genocide-Novella-Book-ebook/dp/B018OW8480/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1450889288&sr=8-2&keywords=bosnia+genocide+rape

Author Info: http://kaikazi.com/who-is-kai-kazi/

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