Fleet Evolution: Revolutionising Salary Sacrifice Cars Schemes

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Salary sacrifice cars are tax efficient schemes offered by many organisations in which they strive to give their employees a brand new car with full insurance, that is maintained at a much lower cost than any other car bought in a retail market. The scheme involves sacrificing of a part of salary before tax or National Insurance. It is an effective means for employees to save their money. Salary sacrifice cars mean that the employees voluntarily give up some part out of their salary package in return for a non-cash benefit, that is a brand new car in this case.

These salary sacrifice lease cars come with full servicing, maintenance (along with tyre replacement), breakdown cover, and an all inclusive vehicle insurance. Some companies also provide the facility of a complete annual driving licence check along with DVLA for those employees who wish to avail the offer.

Fleet Evolution is an award winning company that offers risk-free, and low salary sacrifice lease car schemes. They provide easy to use online services provided with unlimited instant quotations online, and option of comparing vehicles for the customers. Their efficient team of customer services provides full support 24*7 at every step of the scheme. The salary sacrifice cars scheme is supported completely by CPC Drive. There are no costs involved in set-up and it offers minimal administration.
Fleet Evolution arranges regular review meetings to offer uninterrupted service for their customers and provide bespoke on-going marketing within the scheme.
Customers also have the benefit of including protection for early termination so as to get comfort during circumstantial changes and give relief to the employer as well, particularly in the time of financial uncertainty in the public sector.

Fleet Evolution is well versed with the processes and practices governed in the public sector and make use of that knowledge to make sure that they offer their customers the best service possible.

Features of the Salary Sacrifice Cars Schemes
1. Special discounts- the site hosts many exciting offers for their clients on different cars. You can avail these offers online.
2. Online services- Fleet Evolution wants to deliver only the best services to their customers, therefore they utilize various tools in the business to ensure that their customers get full access to all the information. The services offered online includes vehicle and driver quotes, key reports, list of fleets, driver portal, mileage and expense claims, duty of care tools, profiling risk and licence management.

The interested clients can contact them at 0844 848 3455 or email at enquiries@fleetevolution.com.

Website:- http://www.fleetevolution.com/

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