SAARC Region's First UN-KAKHTAH Digital Repository being Established at CIMR, PU-Pakistan's University of Punjab to Take the Historic Edge.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Lahore, Pakistan, Asia, December 31, 2015 /PressReleasePing/ - A resolution has been unanimously passed by academicians from all major universities of Asia under the auspices-perseverance of United Nations, which acclaims to establish the KAKHTAH Post-doc Multiversity Repositories of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) Research, across the region, along with a post-doc scholarship for DRR studies.

In several universities within SAARC-ASEAN region, a number of 'KAKHTAH Disaster Early Warning Observatory-Axes' and 'KAKHTAH DRR Digital Repositories' are decided to be instituted with a vision of cross-boundary and cross-disciplinary integration for disaster preparedness.

Pakistan's University of the Punjab (PU), becomes the first to establish the UN-KAKHTAH repository within the SAARC region, for DRR research.

The VC Prof. Dr. Mujahid Kamran has welcomed the momentous avenue-prospect. The PU greets the significant maiden and declares it an institutional landmark that is going to be a contributive opening of new horizons for both-the academia and the society.

The multiversity repository is intended to serve as the SAARC region's institutional hub for catering the ISDR needs and DRR research works up-to the post-doctoral level.

Professor Emeritus Dr. Zaki, Dr. Khalida M. Khan, holder of UNESCO chair and DESIMGOW research moderator at PU, Dr. Bareera N. B., Dr. Azam Sheikh and Lt. Col (R) Azhar Saleem would presently serve as the repository's board of directors.

The Title-Ovation of KAKHTAH Multiversity:

The revolutionary-edged KAKHTAH multiversity and scholarship medal gets its title-ovation and has been posthumously named after the four legendary stalwarts who became responsible for bringing forth some real 'difference' during the hardest test of human solidarity-the aftermaths of Asian Tsunami of 2004, through their meritorious renderings-the two individual entities and the two organizational bodies;

1- Kofi Annan - the former UN secretary general, who paid prompt visits in far-remote affected areas with an aim to have a first-hand knowledge of the ground situation. He himself prompted for the actual circumstantial state-of-affairs, instead of relying on the executive summaries--rightly setting a new custom and tradition in the modern hierarchical spheres.

2- Helen Keller Intl- a US based international organization that immediately incited the emergency humanitarian services in Indonesia's hardest-hit regions, saving the lives where needed rightly by the moment of need.

3- Tzu-chi Foundation- a multi-regional NGO from Taiwan, having one of the largest networks with representations and physical presence in almost all continents throughout the world, whose volunteers remained on-board for over three years for long-term Tsunami relief works in Sri Lanka.

4- Aurangzeb Hafi- a multi-disciplinary arch-researcher and SAARC region's DRR P.I. expert from Pakistan, who was the prime investigatory head of the projects concerning the disable population of the Tsunami refugee camps in Sri Lanka. He also maintained technical liaisons with the UN and other concerned agencies. He can justly be credited for bringing forth and foremostly orchestrating the concepts of 'disability-inclusive and pregnancy-inclusive protocols' in DRR policy frameworks, during the first epidemiological assessment appraisals of Tsunami-2004.

The cutting-edge concepts of pre-birth multiple disabilities risk assessment, embryonic toxicity and teratogenicity proneness factor analysis among pregnant women and the disability+pregnancy inclusive special protocols in cataclysmic emergencies have been pioneered by Prof. Hafi, and remain as a core-focus of 'A.Z.Hafi-DESPO Appraisals' as well.

Prof. Hafi's pioneering concepts in 'DESPO DRR Modus-operandi' have now been widely acknowledged and ascribed at the UN level, and have been incorporated in the ISDR frameworks of UN led missions for DRR.

Pakistan's Qadhi Aurangzeb Al Hafi has long been working in the subject-matters concerning the health consequences directly affecting the disabled, the children under 5 and pregnant women.

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