Clothing offers vaping capabilities

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - DENVER, Colo. - Legalized marijuana in Colorado has certainly changed the state's landscape, but there is a stigma still attached to tobacco and nicotine. Many are turning to the vaping phenomenon.

Vaping uses a small heating element to turn a nicotine liquid, often flavored with virtually anything, that is inhaled. All that is exhaled is water vapor, which quickly dissipates and leaves no trace. The DLo3 vape system is also compatible with dry herb, wax and oils for those who choose.

Many people, however, find it difficult to enjoy their vaping in public. The stigma attached to smoking is still very strong in fitness-friendly Colorado, where fashion and health run hand in hand. VAPRWEAR is the perfect solution. Combining the best in popular fashion with discreet vaping capabilities, VAPRWEAR allows users to enjoy their vaping in peace.

VAPRWEAR is a clothing line that uses an integrated vaping system inside the clothing itself. Users only need to use the vaping system like any other, but VAPRWEAR has the added benefit of looking stylish while keeping the vaping to an absolute minimum.

“Our goal from the beginning was to make our product friendly to all aspects of the vaping lifestyle. We wanted skiers, city dwellers and anyone who wears VAPRWEAR and lives the vaping lifestyle to enjoy our product,” said a spokesperson for the company.

VAPRWEAR first came to market at this past year's X-Games, and the system was an immediate hit with various celebrities, and many more have discovered the benefits of this apparel.

VAPRWEAR comes in a variety of quality materials, colors and designs. There is also an option for brands to add their own logos and build a complete custom design. VAPRWEAR also offers an affiliate program for qualified interested individuals and companies who share a love for fashion and vaping.

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