Roped in Top Indian Brunettes for Its Newly launched Indian Cams

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA -, a hugely popular internet-based chat forum that has gained wide currency among lonely male patrons, recently rope in top Indian brunettes for the burgeoning Indian cams chat portal. According to the owners, they have interviewed some of the most stunning Indian brunettes who showed interest in being a part of the growing community and that they have now successfully selected a couple of Indian brunettes from the list of shortlisted applicants.

“We conducted webcam based interviews with a number of brunette women from all across India and some fifty top brunettes have been selected for the online chat portal that we run”, said a talent acquisition official from She also added that they will require the newly selected Indian brunettes to go through grooming sessions. “As we cater to a truly global audience, it becomes our responsibility to groom the girls before they go live on cam”, she added during an interview with local press correspondents. was launched exactly one year ago with an aim to make Indian cams popular across the world. The owners started with a few Indian small town girls featured on their portal. However, the portal has grown in size since then and it is now one of the most popular Indian cam chatting portals. The owners stated that long-term aim is to make Indian cams chatting popular among North Americans.

“North Americans and Europeans have endless curiosity about Indian brunettes and many of them are serious about befriending truly beautiful Indian women. Our chat portal is just a small initiative to bride the demand and supply gap”, said a marketing manager on behalf of the Indian cams chat portal. He said that the inclusion of the new girls to the online chat forum will supercharge the popularity of the chart forum. He also expressed hope that member count will double sometime early next year.

“The way people are responding since we added the top Indian brunettes to our chat portal is simply fascinating. We would like to convey to our dear patrons that this platform is going to change all notions about Indian webcam chatting”, added the marketing manager.

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