Indian Chat Portal Became All the Rage among Middle-Aged Urban Single Men Patrons

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - USA -, an online chatting portal that has made great strides in the past couple of months in terms of membership count, has become exceedingly popular among middle-aged urban single men. The owners claimed with conviction that they had recently conducted a study among all the members and asked for their feedback about the Indian chat portal and the sheer benefits of it. They revealed that majority of the respondents who voted it as one of their favorite chat portals on the web are actually middle-aged and lonely men from all ranks.

“We conducted this survey for the purpose of adding more features and female Indian members. Though the purpose was purely business objective-centric, we were able to find to some interesting facts. It seems that the site is more popular among middle-aged urban men than among youngsters, though we had an exactly opposite notion”, admitted a top official. owners are now contemplating to publish the researched data in form of a paper and distribute the data through online doc sharing platforms. “We believe that the study will show some direction to many researchers who study about the male behaviour, especially when they reach middle. The mid-life crisis is surprisingly missing in most of our male patrons, and we found them quite cheerful during conducting the surveys online. It is up to the data researchers and psychologists to decide if Indian chat or erotic chat for that matter has any positive effect on human mind. We are hopeful”, said a client relationship manager from , the online chat portal, now features over five hundred Indian brunettes from different Indian cities and states, with the male member count of the online chatting community burgeoning every day, according to the owners. “It is a good thing that our male member count has steadily increased over the past few months. We aim to serve many more people in the coming months and years”, said a web administrator of He also added that the site may introduce new Indian chat portals sometime early next year.

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