San Andreas By Jason David Yonai a.k.a KazeLoon Asiatic Gangsta Trap Freestyle Rapper has released his 50 song project exclusively with C.D Baby Digital Distribution to other online streaming services such as Itunes, Amazon Music, Google Music Store, etc.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Monterey Park, CA, January 02, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Original East L.A Belvedere Park Gangsta Trap Freestyle Rapper Jason David Yonai a.k.a KazeLoon has released his mixtape on C.D Baby called "San Andreas" with 50 songs on the album which is a double c.d album featuring on 7 tracks Angel Haze. Artwork for this project was created by Lord Arc of Lyrical Genocide Group based in New York and Nathan Hales of South Africa with modeling credit to Olympic Champion Allyson Felix of Los Angeles. KazeLoon has mixed and mastered all the songs on this album himself in his home made studio using various software and VST Plug Ins to record the entire project and mix and master the album. All of these songs have been released online by KazeLoon on various mixtapes before this official release as the official leak exclusively on Get Right Music

KazeLoon has put these songs out for his real fans so they can always be in the digital stores for streaming and downloading purposes worldwide. Be on the look out for KazeLoon's other albums dropping in the digital stores this month which contain his old material mastered at a higher quality on various projects called San Andreas Extended Playlist, Kamilean, Kamilean Pt.2, Kamilean Pt.3, Kamilean Pt.4, Sonny Trigs, Phantom God, Kalico Kid, etc. KazeLoon has hosted well over 100 mixtapes online for himself and for some of his clients or business partners. KazeLoon has collaborated with well over a thousand producers in the Music Industry and the number could be vaguely put because the number of producers could be more in the multiple thousands and many of these producers are gold,platinum, or multi-platinum producers as well. You can download for free some of his mixtapes right here online just follow the link

You can buy and download San Andreas by KazeLoon at C.D Baby by following this link right here

You can buy or stream San Andreas by KazeLoon at other various online music stores at these following links

Check out some of KazeLoon's other Websites and his music at the following links

Press Contact:
Jason D. Yonai
KazeLoon Records & K.D Lean Inc.
Monterey Park, CA

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