Redesigns its Indian Webcam Services for Ease of Use

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - India - Ever since the search engines have reaffirmed their love for neatly designed websites that would ease the way for users, more and more websites are becoming user friendly and offering great mobile variants. This is often the case for several sites and adult chat websites are also following suit. Leading the charge is which has already announced that the site interface will be changed completely to suit mobile users and allow ease of access for other internet users. The Indian webcam services by the site have already been lauded by its users and the new development is expected to please them even further.

The new interface announcement by the site has come shortly after the massive recruitment drive launched by the site last month. At the time of that launch, the site had hinted that they will be able to change the interface of the site sometime next month. The site management has informed that there are some specific and some broad aspects that will be addressed when reshaping the website. Among the many expected developments, insiders say that the site has laid impetus on the complaints of the customers before anything else.

There has also been a steady demand in [the development arena after the site has pronounced its requirements. It has been learned that numerous major and minor web development companies have sent their quotes to for considerations. Site insiders have also hinted that some freelancers have also agreed to get the site up and running. In either case, the site has confirmed that they will outsource the project in the first week of the next month.

The committee instituted by the site to look after the interface redesigning project recently held a meeting with the process. “We are looking to revamp both the computer and mobile sites and we have come to a resolution on what exactly we need. We are now discussing with some of the web development firms that have applied. ” a representative told.

About the company is an Indian webcam chat site which features adult models.

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