NJE Group Provides Revolutionary Approach to Asset Location

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Seattle, WA Ė National Judgment Enforcement Group (NJE Group), an accommodator of free out of pocket & hassle free judgment recovery services, is providing a fresh & innovative approach for asset location that distinguishes itself from the out dated debtorís examination hearing that is commonly used. NJE Groupís technique for asset location is known exclusively as their ďmulti-tieredĒ asset verification service. This method combines the efforts of NJE Groupís in-house skip tracing department in conjunction with multiple firms that specialize in asset location. The multi-tiered strategy gives clients the essential services if needed from multiple companies within one collection agency.

NJE Groupís multi-tiered technique offers the following features and benefits:

- A discrete approach that does not notify the defendant of the pending investigation
- No up-front or out-of-pocket expenses
- Produces more efficient and timely results
- Less complicated for all involved
- An in-house skip tracing department for faster results
- Network of partnered companies that verify debtorís employment & bank information.

The most common process involves a debtorís examination hearing where an individual is served with a subpoena to appear at court to answer questions pertaining to their personal assets. Itís a conservative method that gives the defendant warning that his/her assets are being pursued and provides them with plenty of time to hide them. While this method can be successful, it can also yield adverse effects that will make the collection process even more treacherous.

Some of the issues that can occur with a debtorís examination hearing include:

- Complex and can be expensive to have an attorney assist
- Quite often the defendant will not be honest when answering questions
- Defendant would likely hide an asset or close a checking account if that information was revealed in a court hearing.
- If there are no benefits, then itís a loss of more legal expenses
- It can be very time consuming
- Once the Defendant is served they are given notice and time to hide assets

NJE Groupís approach is more efficient, less complicated and requires no out-of-pocket expenses from clients. The groupís methodology is highly discrete and doesnít notify the defendant that their assets are being targeted. A highly skilled in-house skip tracing department and network of partnered companies all work in concert to verify a debtorís employment, bank information, property & other non-exempt assets for judgment collection.

The discrete multi-tiered approach is revolutionizing how assets are being located to collect court ordered judgments. Itís more efficient than traditional methods, saves clients money, and places the resources of an extensive network of agencies at the disposal of NJE clients when the need arises. The approach has resulted in a significantly better resolution rate for clients.

About NJE Group

National Judgment Enforcement Group was established under the premise that all judgment creditors deserve an easier, more accessible and affordable method of collecting judgments. NJE Group does not ask for any money from clients. The agencies primary goal is to provide the most efficient and affordable judgment recovery services in the industry, easing client worries and frustration. More information can be found at: http://www.njegroup.com

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Toll Free Main: 800-381-9167
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