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January 5, 2016: Luckie Maserati has more than 10 years of entertainment varied knowledge as President of Jaguar Entertainment, Executive Vice President of Gorilla Records and MoneyBag Boyz. He has a multimedia production studio situated in the center of Las Vegas. He has promoted more than 30 artists all through his career and has worked directly with a variety of artists.

Luckie is a flourishing and established Entertainment Executive. His previous experience combined with this new vision of a Total and Complete Independent Entertainment Company that will develop the entertainment industry for the enjoyment of a large number of customers and millions of the viewing and listening public.

For the very first time he is now presenting a Hollywood independent film titled “HIP-HOP Horror picture Show” going to be release in Las Vegas 2016. It is a Hip Opera horror musical drama which has an astounding story line of vampires and werewolves that will definitely keep the audience asking for more. The film is packed with dance, drama, comedy, suspense and is sure to be a blockbuster movie. After reading through the storyline of this movie you simply can't resist the urge to ask will there be any continuation?

The experienced actors who bring life into characters are: Anthony Salamone- experienced actor and head of the crew, Jasmone Tabak- actress/technical dancer/singer, Jazmynne Daria Matthews- successful singer and actress, Jazzlyn Kirkland- fun filled newcomer, Marco Antonio Varela- experienced actor and opera megastar, ITSMRJLUV- actor/reggae recording artist - Deon Brown of DeadHearted media- host/actor, Keenan booker- world renown author/actor, Jamecia Melonson- feature film debut will captivate the audience and the executive producer: Mark Thomas aka Luckie Maserati perfect visionary for feature film. This independent film is earmarked for the Oscar’s and academy award.

About The Company:
The executive producer and CEO of the website Gotluckie.com, Mark Thomas JR. is coming up with his first production of Hip Opera Horror Musical drama in Las Vegas 2016 that will surely captivates the audience. To know more visit http://www.gotluckie.com/

Contact Details:
Website: www.gotluckie.com
Address: 2235 E. Flamingo suite 100b
Phone: 323-455-4314


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