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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - India - There has always been great demand for direct adult video chatting services. As a result, there are many sites that provide similar sites. Some of the more discreet audience which prefers more discreet services may feel left out. is an online adult chat site that provides adult video chatting services. The India chat services on the site are expected to start operating by the start of the next month. Some new developers are said to have been hired by the site to make sure that the chat function comes of well. But the site management has not verified any such news yet. has also hinted that they will develop the chat interface on a completely different platform. The new platform will help the site reach technical goals alongside creating convenience and ease of use for customers. The management has confirmed that the chat interface will be completely different from the video calling interface and there will be some important additions that the site will ensure for the site. These have been seen as important developments by the site in the last few days. But most regular users feel that there will be a minimalistic look to the site after it is completed by the site.

The announcement of the new chat function at the site could have come due to a combination of reasons. Sometime back, a few customers of the site had sited no engagement for slower internet connection. Also, some independent individuals had written to the site support requesting a more discreet option to experience sensuousness. The site manager spoke about this in a press release: “We have always tried to be consistent with the demands and requests of our customers. The new chat feature at the site is a reflection on the same commitment. There are also some very good features that you would like to integrate with the chat. Some of them include photo sharing and voice messages. This will help in adding greater character to the chat.”

About the company has been identified among one of the leading Indian chat adult webcam sites.

More information about the new chat option are available at

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