Includes India Live Chat as Part of Its Elite Membership Giveaways

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - India - There are several ways to please regular visitors of a site. One of them is by distributing free services and gifts. is now reaffirming the belief of the visitors who asked them to launch an elite membership package by providing free services under the package. The site has not only launched an elite membership for the interested, but has also decided to include certain free services as part of the membership. The most attractive among these free offerings is the India live chat service , wherein the elite members will be able to live chat with Indian models at any time in the day. has recently broken the news through their news release and has also said that the elite membership plans will be launched by the end of the running month. The news comes as a surprise to the free members who were betting that the site would never introduce a paid membership for the customers. However, the site has not just introduce3d paid membership, but has also divided the scope equally among different tiers. The gold members will have to pay half the price for all services they avail. The elite will enjoy the same privilege with the addition of free video chatting with Indian models.

To make things more streamlined, the site has decided to limit the number of participants that can avail elite membership. The site manager said: “we have been flooded with requests for elite and gold memberships. At this point we have no other option than to select elite and gold members through lottery that will be held shortly. This is a short time measure and we will roll out the paid membership by the many when there is human resource. Meanwhile, this move will also allow us the option to test the waters prior to the large traffic.”

“We have already spoken to the senior managers and they are fairly confident that they will make for every possible arrangement for the implementation of the free service.”

About the Company is one of the few adult entertainment sites in India that provide free video chat for elite members.

Requests for elite membership can be made at

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