Finances Independent India Chat Platform for Group and Private Chatting

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - India - The adult entertainment industry thrives on innovation. The independent chat forum has been an innovative feat that was launched a while back. has decided to bring the much coveted chat platform to India by financing the development of an independent project. The level of involvement of the site itself is not yet disclosed. The India chat service by the company is set to be extended into the platform.

The platform can have both paid and free options for use, say some close associates of The site management has been silent on the name of the platform but the news of its creation has been confirmed.

The site has maintained that the new platform will allow group chat, video calls and private messaging. This makes it the first Indian service that has introduced all three together. An official of the site has circulated a mail to the present users of the site with the news of the new platform.

The mail also talks about free copying of account from the present site to the new platform. While customers are debating the efficacy of such a platform, the site management is confident that once the platform is formed, they will be able to lure other site visitors to the join. has also said that they will ensure that adequate privacy is provided to the visitors who want to use the platform in the guest-mode. This is seen to be an important step given that group chat services will also be available in the site.

The media correspondent of the site recently told the media: “We are looking to create a group of people that are ready to shed all inhibitions in the pursuit of pleasure. The platform will save them the embarrassment of having to reveal their identity. There is also a private messaging option and video chat sessions can only be made public with the consent of all the participants. We have made adequate arrangements to ensure that. ”

About the Company is a remarkable Indian adult video chat website that has recently announced the development of independent platform.

More information about the new platform is available at

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