Oomph Portable Coffee Maker raised 234% of Funding Goal on KickStarter

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Manchester, UK, January 08, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Oomph, a start up in Manchester UK, announced the successful completion of their KickStarter campaign, exceeding their funding goal of £26,000 (approx. $38,500 USD) by over 234%.

The campaign attracted 1,282 backers from around the world, pledging a total of £61,090 ($90,000 USD). With the Kickstarter campaign complete, Oomph will now commence manufacturing of the innovative portable coffee maker and travel cup.

The Oomph means that full-bodied, rich, barista standard coffee will now be achievable at home, at work or pretty much anywhere else. The Oomph is a completely portable coffee maker and travel cup in one.

" We set out 37 days ago to raise enough funding to make my dream a reality, to put The Oomph in production. Not only did we reach the funding goal but we smashed it, this means we"ve been able to extend the range and continue development of the product." said Entrepreneur & creator of The Oomph, Matthew Deasy.

"I am truly in awe of the overwhelming support we have had over the course of the campaign, we have received great feedback from backers around the worlds, from Edinburgh & London to Sydney, New York & Singapore – among others. The wonderful support from our many backers really shows a real market demand for a device which produces great tasting coffee – just like you get on the high street, but at home and at a fraction of the cost. We are excited to be entering the next phase of the Oomph story, production of our first product."

With it"s funding success, Oomph becomes one of a small few of UK companies to become a product design success on the crowdfunding platform. One of around 300 successful within it"s category on KickStarter.

Along with it"s crowdfunding success, Oomph has seen a plethora of websites from a range of industries feature articles about the fledgling product and company. "With industries ranging from coffee experts and enthusiasts to gadget geeks and even parenting blogs – it is clear that The Oomph has a broad public appeal & there is a definite desire to have better coffee at home and on the go" said Andy Kinsey, Head of Marketing.

The Oomph will now go into production, with the first deliveries expected in April 2016.

In the meantime, The Oomph is available for pre-order via Indiegogo


Press Contact:
Andy Kinsey
Oomph Coffee
Manchester, UK

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