How To Make Your Dick Bigger

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - January 10, 2016– According to the survey taken by, surprisingly around 45% of men are not satisfied about the size of their penis, one of the most important parts of our body with regards to making sex. Most of the men do believe that the size of the penis does matter in making our partner happy sexually, even though most men fall into the normal range in terms of size and thickness. But this worry about the manhood can cause all sorts of mental problems. So let’s look into various aspects to how one can really grow your penis bigger with some proven methods, and make your sex life more enjoyable and comfortable.


Nowadays, you will be receiving a lot of spam messages in your inbox that advertise themselves as the No.1 solution for Malehancement and promise to make your dick bigger in a short time. But never fall into those kinds of traps, as there are not scientific proven methods that can enlarge your penis in such shorter periods. For those who have micropenis, as doctor’s call, are persons having their penis size that measures less than 7 centimeters or 2.75 inches when erect, can go for an augmentation surgery. But these surgeries are costly and pose some risk factors, so it is good that you think hard about, going in for the surgery.

For others, who deliberately go for Male Hancement, i.e. people who have normal size penis, but still want to go for big, there are various methods and pills available, which are not that much costly, like the augmentation surgery. You may get more information by clicking this site:


One of the natural methods to make your dick bigger, is through the ways proposed in the penis enlargement bible, where there is no medication, surgery or the use of special equipment. What it does propose is the use of exercises and some natural supplements. It could perhaps more accurately be described as a growth rather than enlargement program as, apparently, the effects are permanent. The only things you need are the natural vitamins and mineral supplements as prescribed in the program.

If you follow the program and its exercise guide correctly for two months, then you’ll certainly notice about 4-10 centimeters in the penis length and 1-2.5 centimeters in thickness. Additionally, the overall strength and performance will also be boosted.


Enriched with all-natural ingredients, VigRX Plus pills are very much effective in not only enlarging your penis, but also greatly enhance the performance which could lead to a much higher sex drive or libido. The manufacturers promise that you will experience increased hardness, longer lasting erections that are easy to control and heightened and more frequent orgasms within 84 days. These are not just blind promises, but supported by findings of trials or studies carried out over a period of two years.

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