New WWII Thriller Masterfully Blends Action, Suspense And Humor

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Massapequa, NY, January 13, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - With the passing of the greatest generation, fewer and fewer of the great WWII heroes and heroines remain. "This sad fact," says author Rich DiSilvio, "is my impetus to keep this unique chapter of history alive. Additionally, I feel it's imperative to reveal facts that have not been told to the broader public, such as those in this novel. It's disturbing how the human will and morals can collapse under dire circumstances." While Rich has treated this subject before in his non-fictional tome, The Winds of Time, and his fictional thriller, Liszt's Dante Symphony, he has now chosen to entangle the horrors of Auschwitz with a gripping and fast-paced tale that includes suspenseful twists and turns, and his trademark wit and humor, thus making My Nazi Nemesis a very unique and engaging read.

What sets DiSilvio's novel apart is that one is shocked to learn that the main villain at Auschwitz is not a German, but rather a Jew. While Germans have long suffered the stigma of the Holocaust, the ugly truth was that other ethnic and religious groups aided in the brutal killings, including Jewish kapos, who were just as cruel and wicked, yet have not been put in the spotlight. Likewise, DiSilvio's protagonist, Jack Goodwin, oozes with character, being clever yet cunning, humorous yet lethal, and philosophical yet flippant. A strong supporting cast help carry the twisting story lines forward, as two strong women take on heroic roles. My Nazi Nemesis is an exciting novel with dark moments to make you cringe, humor to make you laugh, profound conversations to make you think, and suspense to take your breath away.

Rich DiSilvio has been writing magazine articles, short stories, and books for over 10 years. DiSilvio's books have garnered praise from professors, HISTORY/A+E, and noted biographers for his attention to historical details and his masterful skill for incorporating these elements into a cohesive fictional story line.

Hardcover: $32.99 978-0-9817625-8-6 Paperback: $14.99 978-0-9817625-7-9 For more info please visit: or the author's website at

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