New iOS Game App “Trail Blaze – A Path” by Wizappo, Inc. Now Available

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Trail Blaze by Wizappo, Inc. is a fun and entertaining game which people of all ages will enjoy. It is available exclusively in the Apple Store for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Wizappo, Inc. today announced that their newest game app, Trail Blaze, is now available for download. Trail Blaze is a challenging puzzle game where players move tiles to create an obstacle-free path for the ball to travel from the beginning of the maze to the end.

In Trail Blaze, the player is presented with three levels to play - the easy level (4 x 4 board), the normal level (5 x 5 board), and the hard level (6 x 6 board). The first 5 games at each level are unlocked. The object of the game at each level is to slide the tiles to provide an obstacle-free path for the ball to travel from the beginning of the maze to end. Each game –at each level - is built on a three-star scoring chart which is driven by the least number of moves. High scoring will unlock the next 5 games. Six (6) free solutions are provided to help maximize the stars to unlock the next 5 games. The 3 difficulty levels provide over 1,000 puzzles.

“We are extremely thrilled to release another game app with Trail Blaze,” said David Rogers, founder of Wizappo, Inc. “In addition to being fun for all ages, I think this game is unique because it is based on the least number of moves - as opposed to being time based – which reinforces logical and critical thinking skills,” said Rogers.

Trail Blaze is now available for free in the U.S. and worldwide from the Apple Store. In-App purchases are available to remove ads, buy more solutions, or unlock more games. For more information or to download, visit Trail Blaze on the Apple Store.

About Wizappo, Inc.

Wizappo, Inc. specializes in fun, creative and educational web apps, for mobile devices. The company’s current roster of apps include; various Baseball IQ apps, Basketball IQ for boys and girls, Tricks for Math apps, and the latest release Touch Ones.

For more information on Trail Blaze or Wizappo, Inc., please visit the Wizappo website or email

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