Purchasing Top Class Natural Oils from “Al-Saha” Has Become Easier

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Well-being is an essential aspect of a person’s life regardless of age. People worldwide prefer natural products due to its quality and ability to help them remain healthy, fit and effective against many diseases. “Al-Saha” offers health products and natural oils from Egypt to many customers.

“Al-Saha Ukraine” is an online shop that offers 100% safe and natural oils produced by the leading Egyptian plant known as “El-Hawag Natural Oil Company.” All the oils the shop offers for sale are manufactured using the cold press method, which helps them maintain all the vitamins and nutrients that are useful for human health.

Our products have won immense popularity worldwide that customers are ordering our products from countries such as: Ukraine, Russia, Egypt, Canada, England, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Turkey, Georgia, Sweden, Norway and more. Customers are encouraged to browse our website ( http://alsaha.com.ua/dostavka-po-miru/ ), view our catalog and shop online. Products include natural oils, cosmetics and other health related products.

The natural products offered through the “Al-Saha Ukraine” catalog include multiple types of oils such as Caraway and Egyptian Black Seeds. There are over 70 types of healing oils such as: Coconut, Jojoba, Avocado, Rose, Grape-Seed and Almond. Our cosmetic line products include facial and hair creams, body and hair masks, Aloe Vera balm and other hygiene products. Customers who have purchased our products in Egypt have observed their high quality effects and have returned to Egypt just to purchase our products. Nowadays, customers can conveniently shop online through our website to purchase our products without the added travel struggles.

You are encouraged to visit our website at http://alsaha.com.ua/ to learn more about our high quality products and experience the benefits that “Al-Saha Ukraine” has to offer.

About the company:

“Al-Saha Ukraine” is a web-based shop that focused on selling high quality natural oils, cosmetics and other health related products manufactured by the “El-Hawag Natural Oil Company” located in Egypt. The oils we sell are extracted using the cold press method, which ensures their 100% safety and usefulness. The online catalog enlists over 70 types of natural oils and other products that are specially produced to make healthcare easy and convenient. The company offers the delivery of products to different countries of the world.

Contact Info:
Address: 33 Grigorenko Avenue, 02095 Kiev, Ukraine
Tel.:+380991801821, +380684359596
E-mail: alsaha-ua@yandex.com
Website: http://alsaha.com.ua/

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