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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK, January 14, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - But what about a productÂ…

A product that hits the psychological aspect of obesity attacking the causes and the whys giving a individual the reason for the triggers episodes of subconscious and unconscious binge eating for example

Them educate them on what nutrition is and does! And break down the individual type of macronutrients and their purpose so they don't one know what they're eating but actual for the first time defining and understand why they're eating

Then based on various assessments and questionnaires prescribe safe individual specific outcome focused movement for that individual's current ability level

All organized by Ricardo Edwards who in one life times lost a outstanding 20 stone+ which adds the last element of this perfectly structure system inspiration one of the biggest weapons in this war on obesity is letting people feel hope! That what there doing isn't in vein as its been done! Achieve! And prove not once but twice!!!!

Its online based so it's for everyone, everywhere Founder creator and organizer of this system believes in this product it's been trialed and tested on current client and received an amazing response and is now ready to take to the public

The companies mission is to educate each individual that's is ready to make a change and even the inspire to prepare the once that wasn't even ready to, to not live in a prison for a body and do something about and for the last time!!!!

Press Contact:
Ricardo Edwards
Laboratory Spa
1a Hall Lane Mill Hill NW4 4TJ

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