Boston's rockstar JPlovesit new release "Emergency Only"

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Contact: JoanePrintemps
Boston Massachusetts.

JPLovesit is one of Boston’s rising star. She’s the women with carved music in her soul, JPLovesitwhich in real has a beautiful name ‘JoanePrintemps’. The women of taste, the women of glory. After interviewing JPLovesit I came up with the reality of being a singer which in real is not that much easy as it is in our imagination.

In a press release JPLovesit told the story behind her success, "I call myself JPLovesit because I've been through a lot of ups and downs in life, and I don't regret anything because without those ups and downs I wouldn't be who I am today”.
The time I asked Joane about the story behind the name she’s been carrying for the past time she said, “It's JPLovesit because my name is JoanePrintemps and I love the good the bad and the ugly that comes with life."

Well JPLovesit came up with such an organic statement that evolve all of us to think not for our benefit but also on the aspect of this brightened life.

Early when she started her career, she faced many problems like other people do because no one’s perfect from the beginning. You take some time and make the righteous thing to happen to you. “Music may not be man’s best friend but God says, Love your enemy.”

When moving towards her albums, she explained every bit of her life and the reason behind her foldness in life which was really a glorious time spent.

She says, “When I wrote the song "Emergency Only" I was thinking about how real relationships feel the instrumental of 911. It was the best I can come across that can help me express myself. ‘Emergency Only’ is a track that kind of shows you the other side of love. I mean if you really find a person that you can truly care about. You can devote yourself to this person but once you get in the middle of this relationship, you start wondering "Is this supposed to be love? Please tell me it’s not only me who’s in trouble" because even when things are going wrong you still want them to work out. As for my genre that’s why it says “It’s just crazy how we argue but I’m still here and you’re my baby”. I would call it "World Music" because I have a little bit of A.D.D when it comes to music.”

JPLovesit explained the nature of beauty beautifully, without having any doubt in her head. The time she told us about her song, it clearly fitted an image in our mind that love isn’t blind and it’s us who keep ourselves bidden with the blindfold, once you remove it you’ll see everything with two possibilities, if love does exist then why does it betrays us in the hour of need?

More over about childhood, JPLovesit said,
“When I was growing up I listen to mostly old-school Mexican music and real old-school Haitian music,I barely listened to R&B when I was younger because my parents are Haitian and so when I did get into making R&B I always added the Caribbean background to it and so I figured why not meshing it together. A little later into my life I got into rock and when I was in my early teens my mom and dad enrolled me into the "Handel & Hyden society" which exposed me to opera and "Gilbert and Sullivan". I also got into Bach, I started getting exposed to so many different types of music and I figured art is not just one thing art is an expression of oneself so just because society would like to label you as one set genre doesn't mean you have to, but... because you want a name I'd tell you world fits me best.”

Joane is the most unique person I’ve ever met in my life who believes that life cannot move without meeting ups and down in life. Once you tackle them, you’ve crossed half of the difficulties from your life.

And with the line she ended,
“Life is not about getting out of the rain, it's about learning how to dance in it.”

It was a wonderful experience with JPLoveist, I would care to see you soon with new aspiration.

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