New Advertising Opportunity in the Cannabis Niche

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Advertising for a cannabis based product or service can be difficult to say the least. The major ad networks like Google Ads, Facebook and Twitter all prohibit any advertisement that relates to marijuana, despite it being legal in numerous states. One of the ways to get around using these ad networks is to reach out to the content providers directly. Thankfully, one such provider has just opened its doors to new advertisers interested in spreading the word about their cannabis based business.

The Chill Bud is an online magazine that covers topics related to the cannabis industry. After launching the website in July 2015, the site’s founders wanted to provide top quality, informative articles that were easy for readers to digest. Now that The Chill Bud has gained some traction and an active social following across multiple networks, the time has come to bring on the advertisers.

Providing companies with affordable ad space that will get the attention of their desired audience is the goal.

The future of cannabis related ads on major ad networks remains unclear, so taking advantage of opportunities to partner up with sites in the cannabis niche is more important than ever. Businesses are popping up all over the place trying to stake their claim of the impending ‘green rush’. Proper ad placement could mean the difference between a flop and a massive success.

The Chill Bud has already helped a handful of startups gain a foothold in the cannabis niche, will you be next?

Get in touch with the folks at The Chill Bud today to reserve your ad space, there are a limited number of spots available.

Kenneth Jefferies
Marijuana Media
Address: 4800 Baseline Rd, Boulder, CO

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