Adds East Indian Talent to Indian Live Chat Services

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - India - The East of India in one big community and the people in there had been demanding adult video chat services for quite some time now. has reacted positively to the long standing demand by coming up with niche services in adult entertainment served by East Indian models themselves. The site management has recently confirmed that Indian live chat services will now be provided in East Indian Languages and by East Indian models. The news has come shortly after the site had confirmed that they were recruiting new models at the site.

The recruitment drive by the website had set off in the middle of the year. At that time, the criteria for the recruitment was unknown. It was also believed that the site had commissioned the entire drive to a reputed and undisclosed agency. But now it is clear that the drive had a keen focus on the recruitment of East Indian models. In their official release, the site top brass has cited the high linguistic desires of some customer groups and the reason for the decision. Notwithstanding the suspense and the surprise, the decision seems to have gone down well with the customers who have registered more frequent visits at the site.

The managing staff at the company has also quoted some of the messages by their customers. Indian customers had been writing to the site from the middle of the last year and the management has now said that the demand was too huge to be ignored. The managing director at has said: “India is a land of diversity. If we cannot provide the services that our customers ask for, we are doing injustice with them. There are seven states in North Eastern Indian and they have a distinctly different race. It was our duty to cater to the customers hailing from the area and give them the delight they deserved.”

The company official also said: “We have always tried to shun stereotypes created around Indian women and our latest efforts in adding East Indian women to the list is in alignment with the same.”

About the company is among the very few Indian adult chat sites that feature women from East India.

The portfolios of the newly recruited East Indian models are available at

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